About the Designer

I'm Phyllis Atha... a web designer, graphic designer, photographer and muralist based based in Sacramento, CA, I grew up in Bakersfield and worked my way through college at San Jose State University. I've lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos, Grass Valley, Carlsbad (north San Diego County) and Sacramento.

What I love most... my family and friends, my dog Sophie, a great adventure, expressing my creativity, using my talents and being of benefit to people and the planet (i.e., making a difference in the world).

The things I enjoy... art, music, learning, laughing and making people laugh, interior design, traveling, politics, movies, painting, writing, a good story, museums, good tasting (organic) food , beauty, being in the water (especially snorkeling), comfort, and moments of enlightenment.

My Art Work... I was a painter (oil, acrylic, watercolor) and taught art before becoming a designer.

My travels... hitched hiked all over Europe on my own, (when I was just 22) and worked when money ran short; visited Japan and Hong Kong; took a 75 day trip, on my own to Africa, India and Nepal; visited Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Hawaii; and drove across America and up and down each coast.

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